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Mobile UI test automation and CI integration

Day 3


During this session, you'll learn what technologies use to build an automation process for E2E mobile testing and how to integrate autotests into a CI process.

Mikhail will tell how to start Maven project on Kotlin in IntelliJ IDEA environment and how with the help of Appium create an automation framework that will manage the testing environment when launched locally and when working in the cloud using TestNG. You'll understand how to publish test results to Slack, how to publish detailed and beautiful HTML reports using Allure, and even figure out what the detailed test logs are for using Allure.

Speaker will tell how to use the BrowserStack cloud device farm for a test launch in almost every environment and demonstrate how to integrate autotests into a continuous development environment using Docker containers.

This talk will be interesting for QA engineers who plan to use test automation (for mobile apps) but don't know where to start and what tools can be used. After listening to this talk QA specialists will understand how to build a framework for UI autotests, how to write beautiful and effective autotests, make them extensible and with a structure that is understandable to other developers. And also how to integrate autotests into the process of continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD). Developers and DevOps engineers will learn how they can help QA engineers in automation and testing, and also what is UI automation testing.

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