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Development of an all-in-one test station for production

Day 1


The smart device is a symbiosis of hardware and software where hardware plays the role of the foundation. It seems that the device is ready and put into production, everything is OK. But it turns out that it still needs to be produced in large quantities and better quality. How to be 100% sure there are no defects because people are involved in the production? How to make buyers satisfied with the quality and the company maintain its reputation at a high level?

This is a story of developing an all-in-one test station in production — the last step before packaging the device and sending it for sale. Sber's team formed the requirements, wrote the software, built the infrastructure, debugged, and remotely launched all this during a pandemic. There will be no descriptions of the insides of each test, but there will be:

  • choosing of development language — Python;
  • software architecture, what role pytest play in it;
  • implementation of the interface for interaction with the operator;
  • infrastructure for storing, visualizing, and data analyzing;
  • insides of the test station.

In the end, we will summarize all the information and find out why this experience is successful and make its test station for each new device.

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