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Testing smart devices from prototype to production

Day 3


Development, testing, and production of smart devices go hand in hand. Testing in SberDevices connects to work at an early stage of "proof of concept" and accompanies the device after launching into production. What do the EVT/DVT/PVT development milestones mean for QA? What do we need to prepare for? How is the acceptance after SMT at the factory? What is a factory firmware upgrade? Why testing it is important and how should it be done?

Roman's talk is about the maintenance and testing of smart devices produced by SberDevices.


  • adb;
  • Agile testing;
  • load testing;
  • stress testing;
  • functional testing.

Targeted audience: testers who have developed in their professional field for a long time, but have never thought about HW testing. Also, engineers who didn't think that their knowledge about the WI-FI device, HDMI and electronic components will be very useful in the development of smart devices.

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