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Workshop. No leaks or blockages: Testing Jenkins Pipeline. Part 1

Day 1


Groovy DSL and Shared Pipeline Libraries in Jenkins allow automating complex things. But the more complex the code, the more likely errors are. And you won't get far having the launch of the build on the server as the only way to debug. Luckily, Jenkins has a lot of tools and practices that allow you to validate, test, and run pipelines locally.

In this workshop, Oleg and Stas will introduce us to these tools and teach us how to create very robust pipelines. We'll talk about Pipeline static analysis, unit and integrated testing, CI/CD for Jenkins Pipeline... with help of Jenkins Pipeline.

Advice on preparing for the workshop: Bring your own laptop. You will have the opportunity to follow along with the presenters and develop/test Jenkins Pipeline on your own laptop. Requirements: Windows/Linux/macOS, JDK 8 or 11, Visual Studio Code. Desirable: Docker.

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