December 8 - 9, 2017
Radisson Slavyanskaya,
Europe Square 2, Moscow

Mobile automation testing by native frameworks

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Popularity and usability of mobile devices are growing and in many areas, users use mobile devices more often than PC. In this case, automation testing is not static and there are a lot of solutions that allow meeting the most challenges. We were looking for a reliable and configurable framework for Tinkoff’s mobile bank testing, which could help us to accomplish our goals. After we’ve tried SeeTest Automation from Experitest company we’ve paid attention to native automation frameworks — UIAutomator, Espresso, XCUITest. In this talk, we want to tell about our experience with these frameworks, along with positive and negative aspects we have found and how we resolved them. This talk will be interesting both for juniors and for seniors. It helps to broaden your horizons, assess possibilities of using some of them or choose another framework.

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Ekaterina Bateeva /
Ekaterina Bateeva

Senior QA automation engineer in Tinkoff Bank. Has been working in testing since 2012 and has experience in testing messengers, web-services, bank systems. Has a lot of experience in functional and integration testing. Last years has been involved in mobile automation testing.

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