December 8 - 9, 2017
Radisson Slavyanskaya,
Europe Square 2, Moscow

The pros and cons of using a parallel test (Prod Parallel) in regression test

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Re-occurrence of errors and mistakes after making some changes to the code - is a very frequent problem that spends a lot of time and nerves of any developer. Such errors could be critical and sometimes lead to serious problems in product. Because of this regression testing is the most important thing in quality assurance of any software product. But what should tester do when he needs to look after a highly loaded system with a huge amount of inputs and varied functionality?

Parallel testing (Prod Parallel) – is an approach when there is a new version of a system that works simultaneously with a release version and it gets the same data to the input that prod has. This approach helps when a software product has a varied functionality, but the QA team is extremely small. That saves QA resources, helps to monitor most all changes and makes a big part of regression testing.

In this talk will be told how to create a process of testing with a Prod Parallel version and which advantages and disadvantages it has. Author will tell about his own experience of such testing and will use as example his testing of one component of a trading platform.

This can be interesting for both manual testers and QA Automation Engineers. Level: basic/overview.

Andrey Kuleshov / Deutsche Bank
Andrey Kuleshov

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