December 8 - 9, 2017
Radisson Slavyanskaya,
Europe Square 2, Moscow

Does the search work in your application?

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Almost every application eventually gets the search functionality. Some implement their own solutions, but most of the time some engine is used, like Apache Solr. However, each system is different and there is a lot of customization required — data loading and refreshing, schemes, indexes. All of the listed above requires testing, and the following questions arise: how big does your dataset have to be and how to prepare it; how to test the data refreshes and re-indexation; how to check that the search actually returns the requested data and nothing else.

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Ilya Korobitsyn / Grid Dynamics
Ilya Korobitsyn

Programmer working on QA Automation in Grid Dynamics. The team creates autotests for backends in Java and for frontend applications in JavaScript. Ilya focuses on offbeat automation tasks and provides technical help to other team members, also works a lot with data validation.

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