December 8 - 9, 2017
Radisson Slavyanskaya,
Europe Square 2, Moscow

Pandora's white box

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"Black box" is quite often mentioned in testing, though we can't say the same about "white box". Among other things, this is due to the fact that "white box testing" was always considered to be the developers' exclusive right.

  • How not to let developers write wrong code?
  • How to implement falls into a code without getting too much pain?
  • Why would you need source code parsing and what's the profit here?
  • Social code analysis and coverage — why and for what?

In this talk, these and many other questions will be answered and illustrated with examples and practical demonstration.

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Nikita Makarov / Odnoklassniki
Nikita Makarov

Experienced in outsourcing and product companies, was into built-in OS automatization based on Linux, complex VPN-solutions for business, software and hardware complexes. Since January 2012, is a group lead of testing automatization at Odnoklassniki.

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