December 6-7, 2018
 Radisson Slavyanskaya
Europe Square 2, Moscow

About Heisenbug Conference

Heisenbug 2018 Moscow is a large technical conference that will take place in Moscow on December 6-7, 2018.

The conference will bring together more than 500 professionals in the field of quality assurance. These professionals are testers, programmers developing tests for their code, engineers in automated and load testing, and team leads willing to improve testing efficiency in their projects. All speakers will talk about the most important, practical and hardcore things on software testing:

  • Automation testing;
  • Manual testing;
  • Load testing;
  • Performance testing, benchmarking;
  • Integration testing of modular / distributed systems;
  • Testing of mobile applications;
  • UX, Security, A/B testing;
  • Code analysis and metrics;
  • Tools and testing environment;
  • Test frameworks best practices.

We guarantee that there’ll be no Agile, Scrum and team management stuff.

Discussion zone

Discussion zone

Do you know the feeling when you raise your hand to ask a question and the track owner announces: “There’s time left for one question only”? Of course, he doesn’t pick you to ask that question. And then the speaker disappears behind the doors of the speaker room.

To make sure this situation never happens, we’re setting up dedicated discussion zones: special areas with a flip-chart for drawing, a couple of seats and an opportunity to pour a cup of coffee or two. The discussion zone opens right after the end of every talk. This is the place to chat with the speaker, ask questions about the talk or get some advice on your projects.