How to build "Automation Test as a Service" for large-scale e-commerce website in eBay

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Доклад про создание инфраструктуры для провайда TestData от eBay. Интересно послушать, как это реализовано в большом проекте.

At present, the R&D teams in multinational internet companies, including Google, Facebook, and eBay, are undergoing "No more QE and devs should do test" organization transformation. The Quality Engineering team is gradually transitioning to Engineering Productivity team. During this process, it's very critical to design and build efficient test infrastructure and toolchain ecosystem from engineering productivity perspective to support "No more QE and devs should do test" principle. Following this, this lecture will discuss the following engineering best practices:

  1. From quality engineering to engineering productivity.
  2. Test data service.
  3. Test execution service.
  4. Test bed service.
  5. Global registry service.

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